Hefei Huiyuan Concrete Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei City, the old country of the Three Kingdoms and the hometown of Bao Zheng. Since its establishment in 2005, it has shown a leap of development momentum, occupying the market with strength, winning customers with integrity, establishing credibility with high quality and efficiency, and thus making the company It has grown and expanded, and its social awareness has been continuously improved, occupying an important position in the same industry.

    The introduction of advanced metal component spectrometers from the United States can accurately control product quality and make product ratios more reasonable.
    The company also introduced spectrum analyzers, hardness testers, high-frequency heat treatment equipment from Germany to strictly control product quality.

    Huiyuan has been adhering to the principle of service first since its establishment and serving customers wholeheartedly.Let 90% of the customers really be satisfied,and strive to make the remaining 10% basically satisfied!We also provide field maintenance and repair service,online support,etc.,to solve problems for customers.

    Headquarters Address:Weisan Road,Industrial Park,Xiatang Town,Changfeng,Hefei,Anhui,China
    Contact Number:+86-551-62866581
    National Unified Service Hotline
    Bella xiong:Bella@hfhuiyuan.com
    Addie Peng:Addie@hfhuiyuan.com

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